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How could I NOT make something when I came across a pin for this Nelson Mandela quote? That would be a cryin shame!

Republicans just can't help themselves from passing laws that are long ago proven failures and a MASSIVE waste of taxpayer dollars. It's really just another way of shaming the poorest of the poor by implying they are junkies and forcing them to pee in a cup in order to get food for their children.

Bless his heart. I've come to appreciate Donald's erratic, idiotic decision making "skills" and offensive commentary. And as democrats we want to say THANK YOU and keep it coming!!!

You are looking at FOUR people, not eight. Transgender men to women that republican lawmakers want to force to use men's restrooms. Because when you are transphobic, transgender men to women are of no value so the proven increase in physical and sexual assaults against them means nothing.

The GOP is desperate to make men use women's restrooms but have their transphobic base believing otherwise. Bless their hearts.

You know Trump will make an absolutely offensive, delusional comment, infused with his conspiracy theories. Trump and the NRA will bond over exploiting this tragedy, fueling the fear mongering to jack gun sales.

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Those Orange Spray-Tan Stains Are A Bitch To Get Out! Have to pre-treat each stain with spot cleaner before even putting them in the wash.