vampire gingerbread men!

Gingerbread Skeletons. It'd be even better if the recipe was pumpkin ginger bread!

voodoo doll cookies. kinda creepy. kinda weird. very tim burtonesque. perfect for halloween


Mummy Twinkie Pops for Halloween

Poison Apple for Snow White party - Black Candy/Toffee Apples - Use red apples to look even more dramatic


Halloween party idea, vampire cookies! Using chocolate chip cookings and min marshmellos and red frosting with shaved almods sliced up.

Bloody Good Cupcakes!

Chocolate Pumpkin Cups

halloween cupcakes

Fang Napkin Holder | 31 Last-Minute Halloween Hacks

Great party idea..could use for Halloween or a party for the fall. For the Harvest/Fall party/get together I would do the scarecrow and add the food.

FINGERS IN A BUN: Yes, yes... I know it's gross.. but it's Halloween... right?! When your kids have outgrown gummy worms and Halloween cupcakes, they may like this :-)

Check out this tutorial for #DIY #cupcake decorating:

Halloween deviled eggs. Just normal deviled eggs, but score the filling and add a slice of chive.

Halloween shoes o.m.g! I love these! Soo witchy...

Insert glow stick into white balloon and add face with black marker.