A recipe for huge sidewalk chalk

We go thru copious amounts os sidewalk chalk 'round here.and I'm already in love with the size! Homemade handmade chalk tutorial by modern handmade child

SIDEWALK PAINT  Supplies:  1 part cornstarch (1 c.)  1 part water (1 c.)  food coloring (we used neon colors)  sponge brushes  Mix corn starch and water. Add food coloring and mix.

SIDEWALK PAINT Supplies: 1 part cornstarch c.) 1 part water c.) food coloring (we used neon colors) sponge brushes Mix corn starch and water. Add food coloring and mix.

how to make a leak-proof water blob - without tape! #waterblob #homemadetoast

Homemade Toast: How to Make a Leak Proof Water Blob (without duct tape!): an iron & parchment paper

10 DIY ways to have fun this summer! - A Little Craft In Your DayA Little Craft In Your Day

10 DIY ways to have fun this summer

Here is a sure fire way to WOW this Summer! Make your own glow in the dark chalk using only two ingredients plus water. This chalk glows in the dark, under UV light, and it even works in broad daylight! (SUPER Summer FUN from Growing a Jeweled Rose)

Easy Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Easy Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

My Kids LOVE their sidewalk chalk! Professor Figgy's Easy Homemade Sidewalk Chalk (super fab craft for kids via sweet paul magazine)

10 recipes for homemade art supplies: fingerpaint, watercolor paint, puff paint, playdough, flubber, bath crayons, lick, stickers, bubble mix, sidewalk chalk & chalkboard paint. AWESOME!

10 Recipes for Homemade Art Supplies

10 recipes for homemade art supplies: Fingerpaint Watercolor paint Puffy paint Playdough Flubber Bath crayons Lick & stick stickers Bubble mix Sidewalk chalk Chalkboard paint


How To: Start Fires in Style with a Glass Matchjar, Plus 9 More Clever Uses for Mason Jars

Another fun way to make fairy lights: paint little dots inside a jar with glow-in-the-dark paint. These glow jar crafts for kids can be done in so many creative ways. Find the one that works for you!

homemade sand (salt & chalk) art! It's so much fun rubbing the chalk into the salt and seeing it transform, then putting it into pretty bottles.  Make sure you fill it allllllll the way to the top because it does settle over time.

Rainbow in a Jar

Make colored sand art by stirring a chalk stick in a bowl of salt. it changes the color. Stir less for light color and more for dark richer color. (I used to do this with salt and food coloring. but the chalk stick idea is brilliant!

Zelf,vloeibaar, stoepkrijt maken: eetlepel bloem, 10 druppels kleurstof, en ongeveer een half kopje warm water. Je kunt natuurlijk ook een kwast of e.d. gebruiken om de tegels te beschilderen

Sidewalk Chalk Spray-All you need is Flour, Food coloring, and Warm Water. A tablespoon of flour, 10 drops of food coloring, and about a half cup of warm water. Shake it up in the bottle and let your kid go nuts.

Spray Chalk Kids Craft

DIY Spray Chalk ~ Perfect outdoor activity for kids. Time to start thinking about fun outdoor activities.

What do your kids love doing outside?  15 Fun Summer Activities For Kids - Get Outside and Play - liquid sidewalk chalk but allot for preschool age

15 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

15 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids -- Painting With Water - Nature Color Hunt - Squeezie Sidewalk Chalk - Angry Birds Water Balloon Game - And more!

All the recipes for make your own... Playdoh, bath paint, colored pasta, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk, finger paints, colored rice, glues, spray paints, pavement paint, and more.

"All the recipes for make your own: Play doh bath paint colored pasta big bubbles sidewalk chalk finger paints colored rice glues spray paints pavement paint & more.