portable calendar Time. :)

Calendar Notebook

Calendar Journals to keep students engaged during calendar time...great idea!

questions for keeping calendar fun and new--put a spinner on it, and then have this be a job for the week--only answer the one that it lands on for that day--great practice for calendar skills without making this time extra-long and extra-boring:)

Calendar Math Time

Portable word wall! Great idea

for calendar time

circle time ideas - shape of the day, fe

calendar time

How to make a Calendar Notebook for daily Calendar time.

calendar time

Older calendar maths sheets and how to run - good !!

Halloween Songs and Fun Activities for Calendar Time

great classroom organization- love the chair~

Calendar time space

Surprise Calendar: place review questions, questions of the day, etc. This could be fun...

Calendar Time

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Calendar Notebooks for all. Make your morning calendar time interactive and engaging.

Here's a form to use in calendar notebooks or during calendar time.

Songs for each month for calendar time