portable calendar Time. :)

Classroom Management: hallway rules! a great reminder for the expected behavior in the hallway! 8592

Portable word wall! Great idea

Calendar time ideas... you are going to LOVE this

Time for Sight Words....Watches!! Kids can color and wear a new sight word watch each day and have FUN leaning sight words!

questions for keeping calendar fun and new--put a spinner on it, and then have this be a job for the week--only answer the one that it lands on for that day--great practice for calendar skills without making this time extra-long and extra-boring:)


Awesome idea for Preschool at Home calendar. OR could be in a small classroom. Just put it on a tri fold board and fold it up if needed.

Calendar Board

Impressive calendar time

Awesome new Calendar from Mama Jenn


calendar time ideas and some printables

This has been made (with a few tweaks that work better for us) and it's been in use for over a month. Valuable asset to our homeschool! Portable Circle Time Idea if you dont have any wall space. :)

Calendar Binder and Free Printables

Calendar Time

A Daily Calendar Notebook from my favorite site.

Calendar notebook printables for #ece - includes days in school, blank monthly calendars, graphing activities and more. Free printables in manuscript and cursive.

Making words folder. Great idea. Would save a ton of time handing out and cleaning up.

Calender time printables