The Unicorn Diaries, by artist Bunny Mitford, features the writings and delicate observations of the world from a young girl in London, England.

Büchergesichter // book faces

Books and falling in love

Book carving art

Awesome new Chris Buzelli #illustration - The Book Monsters


~ beautiful book

New Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

I love to read and the library is a favorite place to go to get books by my favorite authors. Love a good mystery especially legal mysteries.

Back in 2009, artist Isaac Cordal shaped wire mesh kitchen colanders into faces and installed them on the streets of London, where street lights cast shadows of the faces on to sidewalks.

Novel Paper Sculptures by Meghan Young #reading #books #literaryart #bookart #bibliophile #bookideas #booklover #litnerd

Alexander Korzer Robinson

Book Landscapes

book inside a book

amazing book sculpture

I absolutely love butterflies! gorgeous mini album! #scrapbooking #art #handmade

Tom Deininger creates large-scale collages from found objects scavenged from landfills, yard sales and donated by friends and acquaintances.


Olafur Eliasson, Your House book