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En el Medio Oriente, activista egipcia Huda Shaarawi (1879 - 1947) se ha convertido en una figura legendaria. A principios de la década de 1920 era un líder en la lucha de Egipto por la independencia política. Volviendo su atención hacia el feminismo, Shaarawi dirigió la lucha por los derechos de las mujeres en el Medio Oriente, centrándose en la educación, los derechos de voto, y las leyes de matrimonio.

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Pledge - Take a Stand Against Forced Marriage :

More than 14 million girls worldwide are subjugated by family members, poverty, or a societal norm to marry long before they are adults. Human Rights Watch reports that one in seven girls is married in the developing world—mainly, South Asia and Central and West Africa—before reaching her 15th birthday. “There is a perception that somehow marriage protects girls. But that is not the case; it simply means that child brides fall off our radar and that the sexual, emotional, and physical…


Rape victim wins right to sue guard that denied her prescribed contraception

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7 Of The Most Unrecognized Women in Black History

Known as the “Grandmother of the American Civil Rights Movement,” Septima Poinsette Clark was an educator and civil rights activist who played a major role in the voting rights of African-Americans. In 1920, while serving as an educator in Charleston

Before graduate student Mike King began using his given name, Martin Luther, before Detroit Red changed his name to Malcolm X, and before Medgar Evers joined the NAACP, civil rights activist Harry T. Moore and his wife, Harritte, were murdered. He was the first civil rights leader to be assassinated, but few know his name. His murder was the spark that ignited the American civil rights movement, but even fewer know his story.

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Louisa May Alcott (November 29, 1832 – March 6, 1888) was an American novelist. She is best known for the novel Little Women and its sequels Little Men and Jo's Boys. Little Women was set in the Alcott family home, Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts, and published in 1868. This novel is loosely based on her childhood experiences with her three sisters.

Meena Keshwar Kamal was an Afghan revolutionary political activist, feminist, women's rights activist and founder of Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, who was assassinated in 1987

Huda Shaarawi (1879–1947) was an Egyptian feminist who influenced not only women in Egypt but throughout the Arab world. She was a pioneer in feminism, and brought to light the restrictive world of upper-class women in her book The Harem Years, published in 1987.

Lucretia Coffin Mott (1793-1880) "..was an American Quaker, abolitionist, social reformer, and proponent of women's rights. She is said to be one of the first American feminists in the early 19th early advocate for women's political power and influence in America, where women could not vote until 1920."

Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn (1878 – 1951) was an American feminist social reformer and a leader of the suffrage movement in the United States. Hepburn served as president of the Connecticut Woman's Suffrage Association before joining the National Woman's Party. Alongside Margaret Sanger, she co-founded the organization that would become Planned Parenthood. She was the mother of Katharine Hepburn.

Victoria Woodhull (1838 - 1927). She was quite a lady ... the first woman to run for President of the United States (1872); first woman to start a weekly newspaper, first woman along with her sister to operate a brokerage firm in Wall Street (where she made a fortune). She fought for women's rights, against corruption and for labor reforms. The reforms and ideals espoused by her for the common working class against the corrupt rich business elite were extremely controversial in her time.

Dead set legend: Mary Edwards Walker (November 26, 1832 - February 21, 1919) was an American feminist, abolitionist, prohibitionist, alleged spy, prisoner of war and surgeon. She is one of only eight civilians, and the only woman ever to receive the Medal of Honor.

Viola Liuzzo was murdered on March 25, 1965 after the Selma-to-Montgomery Civil Rights March. She is the only white woman honored at the Montgomery Civil Rights Memorial.