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#feminism #reproductiverights #abortion Don't you dare reduce me to my body parts. I am a full human being with thoughts, dreams, and goals. I am not a incubator for a fetus, nor am I a body to use at your every whim.

Actually, the people who say this are racists who want minorities, women, and gays, all subjugated to the whims of greedy, white, wealthy, preferably born-again, religious fanatics.

"I spent my childhood believing I was destined to be a hero in some far off magic kingdom. It was too late when I realized that I was needed here." Don't let it be too late.

If you're interested in women rising to equality with men, check out The Women's Issue:

Levo Leaguefrom Levo League

Learning to Ask for the Pay You Deserve

WHITE women work 59 days for free. Black women, 94 days Hispanic women 117 days. Put another way, it's as if after July 21 (Hispanic women) August 21 (Black women) or October 16 (white women) don't receive a paycheck. Annually.

"A huge part of being a feminist is giving other women the freedom to make choices that you might not necessarily make yourself."

If you're interested in women being empowered, check out The Women's Issue: