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The photos also offer an insight into the lives of other pod members travelling with Scar. In one picture a large group of 'socialising' whales come together - giving the impression they are meeting up for a chat

Mesmerizing Underwater Photos by WAYNE LEVIN

Wayne Levin has an ever-growing portfolio of stunning underwater photography.

2013 Underwater Photography Contest Finalists

Whale sharks arrive in Roca Partida, Mexico's Socorro Islands, in November, May and June. When they are there, they curiously swim around divers. by David Valencia

The Sea: the first wonder of the world – in pictures

Swim with sharks. Doesn't have to be hammerheads. But preferably not a great white, bull, or tiger...I have unknowingly been in the water with a hammerhead but didn't see it...everyone else did. One day. I don't even care if I get bit as long as nothing gets chomped off and I live haha