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sorting long o words by OA and OW

This is an activity and a word sort for the long O sound. It includes both 'oa' and 'ow'.

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oa and ow activities to practice the long o sound that are differentiated and a lot of fun

This "FREE" smartboard activity allows the children to practice sorting similar special sounds, begin identifying patterns, and start recognizing where they hear the sound in each words. Sorts include: Long A (ay, ai, a_e) Long E (ea, ee, e_e, -y) Long I (ie, i_e, igh, -y) Long O (oa, ow, o_e, oe) Long U (u_e, ue, ew, oo) R-Controlled (ir, ur, er, ar) (ou, ow) (oi, oy) Digraphs (ch, wh, th, sh) Pocket Chart has all sounds above, all letters, ed, ing, ng, aw, & tch