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  • Prairie Flower

    Waterbear | Hi! The water bear - the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the micro bug world ...

  • Maddy U

    Freaky! These are Tardigrades, or 'water bears' or 'moss piglets.' They look like miniature gummy bears but are really microscopic animals that live in the water, are segmented, and have 8 legs. The largest adults may reach lengths of around 1.5 millimetres, whereas the smallest may reach lengths below 0.1 mm. Typically you can find these guys on lichens or mosses. THE VERY NATURE OF BROWN

  • Crystal Simos

    This is a tardigrade (water bear) and it is an adorable extremeophile. It has 4 cute little pairs of legs that it uses to waddle around on all day and it basically just eats moss. They were discovered in the late 1700's and are the only animal to survive the vacuum of space. They are spectacular adorable little creatures that everyone should love.

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Hypsibius dujardini. Water Bear culture - Easily maintained water bear which feeds on unicellular algae i.e. JA68 Chlorococcum sp. Life cycle from eggs to adults is usually about 3-4 weeks at room temp. (14-22 Celsius) and viable eggs are laid in moulted cuticles. Standard 50ml cultures contain approx. 100 tardigrades plus eggs and sufficient algal food to sustain them for up to 2/3 weeks.

Peering Inside a Tardigrade Researchers have finally seen inside the elusive moss piglet using a new laser scanning microscope.

tardigrades (also called “water bears”) are the only known animal capable of surviving prolonged exposure to the vacuum of space.

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