I would've gladly sat through 3-4 hours. They needed Madge and the rest of the cave seen and the mutts needed to look like the tributes and u know I could keep going but I don't think there will be enough space

That part of the Catching Fire movie is going to be very hard to watch especially when you already know what's coming !!!



Hunger games problems



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If he dies, I'll never go home. i'll spend the rest of my life in this arena.. trying to think my way out. -The Hunger Games


Super hunger games problems #32

i hope this is in the movie.

Yeah, it definitely is. But Gary Ross just couldn't trade that couple minutes of screen time for Madge, could he? And now Francis Lawrence has to try to make Catching Fire work around MADGE NOT EVEN BEING THERE!

one of my favorite qutoes by Peeta in the Hunger Games <3


Hunger Games

Hahah okay slightly true

In the books it doesn't seem like Thresh has that much connection to Rue, and so I never quite understood why he let Katniss live in her name. The movie made it more of a big deal and I liked that.<<<

I honestly don't know if I can wait that long

Lol so true!