I would've gladly sat through 3-4 hours. They needed Madge and the rest of the cave seen and the mutts needed to look like the tributes and u know I could keep going but I don't think there will be enough space

I would die from fright of all the bugs in the first five minutes!

super hunger games problems.

<3 (:

Hunger Games Problems - Page 2 of 4

I still can't believe it :'(

#hungergames - exactly. In fact he truly has one of the saddest and most powerful story lines in the series

super hunger games problems

is that bad...am I the only one?

Fuggggging love the hunger games!!

Exactly <3

I was like "wait! No! He couldn't have died!!!" You have kiiiids!!!!

If he dies, I'll never go home. This is one of my favorite quotes from the first book. Mostly I love the quotes that show desperation between Peeta and Katniss

LOL all the time!

Hunger Games

President Snow

Awe. Rue and Thresh. :'( <3


I also love how much Effie changes from The Hunger Games to Catching Fire. In the first book, she's excited for the choosing, but in catching fire, she's devastated because she's worried about Katniss and Peeta.

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Thank you. Such an important part of catching fire! How could they change it? Hate when this happens