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  • Kate Barnett

    Morning sunshine, do you see what I see. #Gothic #Architecture #Photo #Manipulation

  • Kaelin Design

    Evening light fell on the abandoned castle of Artolin, casting shadows along the ruined balustrade...

  • Amara Kozey

    .#painting art

  • Beth Scupham

    church windows

  • Stephanie Crane

    by the sea #writing #inspiration

  • Hillegien Rijken

    Golden Fantasy Art

  • Air

    Ruins --He didn't know whether to fear, or embrace the sunlight. How rare it shown, and yet, how brightly it lit the shadows. When things are in darkness, secrets can be kept. But light had a strange way of unearthing even the darkest truths.

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went to spend a few weeks at friend's cabin, a well needed getaway. when pitching the relaxation trip he forgot to mention cabin is in the middle of a creepy forest, then friend leaves (wife goes in labor) leaving protagonist alone in unfamiliar sketchy setting. first nightfall creepy figure starts harassing his window… stuck there for a week with this lovely lady. describe their encounters

Where are you going? I don't know. Anywhere. Where the faces no longer accuse and the air kisses my soul. Somewhere beautiful.

Eerie | Creepy | Surreal | Uncanny | Strange | Macabre | 不気味 | Mystérieux | Strano | I see you

Dolls r creepy but this doll sent cold shivers up my spine!! I mean, really?? Who thought this doll was anything but nightmare inducing?

yes, I'd love to have a porch overrun with vines, as if the outside is reclaiming the space...

This made me laugh a little more than I should have...

Cause this is not creepy at all...

heads by kitsch, via Flickr "we love you! we can't wait to get married!"

European Madness Tour 2011 with Andre Govia, Daanoe, ill-Padrino, Martin Widlund, Niki Feijen, Photoportee, Rusty's Photography, and me