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Such pretty flowers, masha Allah.

Bristol Circus

photo by Liana Wears

moment - jiffy - Jiffy is a moment. I chose this picture to represent jiffy because of the fast shutterspeed and how blurry the image gets. It shows that the swing ride is fast. I also like how the picture is angled. We are able to see not just the person in front of them, but more seats above him creating a very artsy effect. I like the mix of colors due to the fast pace the picture was taken. This picture reminds me of my early childhood.

fingers crossed

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such beautiful fairytale pics

MC1 opened the door to morning sunlight and chirping birds and the low echoes of far off traffic jams. Looking up, she squinted from the brightness.

Floral reflections


ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: How beautiful is that-

"'*'" // How To make a double Exposure Portrait

egg pinhole camera! sometimes the weirdest concepts are the most pure