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The Holy Spear of Destiny, Echmiadzin Lance. In 1655, the French traveler Jean-Baptiste Tavernier was the 1st Westerner to see this relic in Armenia. In 1805, the Russians captured the monastery and the relic was moved to Tchitchanov Geghard, Tbilisi, Georgia. It was later returned to Armenia at Echmiadzin, where it is always visible and enshrined in a 17th century reliquary Rather, it is the point of a sigillum, perhaps Byzantine, with a diamond-shaped iron openwork Greek cross.


Armenia - Prowincja Gegharkunik - Klasztor Sewanawank - w okresie najazdów mongolskich by uratować Klasztor, na chaczkar dorobiono mongolskie akcenty(warkoczyki) i dzięki temu najeźcy go nie zniszczyli.


Siauliai Hill of Crosses. Lithuania. Since the medieval period, the Hill of Crosses has represented the peaceful resistance of Lithuanian Catholicism to oppression. In 1795 Siauliai was incorporated into Russia but was returned to Lithuania in 1918. Many crosses were erected upon the hill after the peasant uprising of 1831-63. By 1895, there were at least 150 large crosses, in 1914 200, and by 1940 there were 400 large crosses surrounded by thousands of smaller ones.


Moone High Cross, County Kildare The High Cross at Moone stand over 17 feet tall, but was not re-discovered until 1835. During some work in the graveyard, workers uncovered portions of the cross, but it would take another 60 years for all sections to be found. The cross is extremely well preserved. In addition to Celtic designs on the cross, there are also biblical references.


Pagan Garni and christian Armenian khachkar : Cross stone. A khachkar or khachkar is a carved, cross-bearing, memorial stele covered with rosettes and other botanical motifs. Characteristic of Medieval Christian Armenian art found in Armenia


SILVER ALTAR CROSS DATED 1692 22.5 x 8.5 cm. The inscription in Armenian reads, "The Holy Cross is in memory of the sisters from Kars to the monastery in Van and the Holy Church of Mother and God and the illuminator in the Armenian era 1141(1692)".


Ireland! What a beautiful moss covered Celtic Cross. You can see these on our IE1 and XIE tours of Ireland.


Armenian Genocide Memorial - A close up of the Khatchkar (stone cross) in front of the Soorp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Church in Whitinsville, Massachusetts was erected in Honor of Elizabeth Altoonian by her children and commemorates the 1.5 million martyrs who died in the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923.