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Abandoned house in a hill.

abandoned ~ There's something hauntingly beautiful about nature reclaiming spaces abandoned by man. It's like a reminder that we are temporary guests. ~ ALW

Seeing places like this makes me ask many questions: who lived there? What were they like? How did they live? Think? What did they feel? What happened to them? So many unanswered questions...

Come in and rest a spell. I dreamt somerthing like this the other night, only there was a bed and an old lady sleeping on it. We thought her dead, she just got up and left... and we were going to buy the house (it had no outer walls anymore, just the inner ones and furniture), 93 euros a meter. Any good dream solver out there? ;)

(Rp) woke up in this castle and I'm locked in and don't know what's going on!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

  • Quandarous Query

    It growls. Irritated that you guessed so easily, but not surprised. "It seems the mouse has a brain to go with its brawn." The crested head lowers so the hot breath is again searing at your face. "First was luck, let's try a second. The wave, over a wave, a strange thing I saw. Through-wrought, and wonderful ornate: a wonder on the waves, water become bone."

  • Heather Da Potato

    (Where are you getting these riddles?!!!)

  • Sherri Zufall

    How wonderful!!!

  • Quandarous Query

    @Are you my mummy? Check out my dragon board. Will have a book about dragons that you should check out.

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Quai des Orfevres, Paris, photo by Fabio Montalto

Abandoned greenhouse. Photo by TammieBowdenPhoto

This abandoned beauty in New Orleans is the result of Hurricane Katrina and the floods. Very sad. It was obviously an incredible home.

DSC_0048 by mrscaptainmonkeypants, via Flickr (it really reads: abandon all hope! foreshadowing?!?)