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Depressed people dream up to 3 times as much as non-depressed, great fact right? Now, I am not dreaming so much...or at least I don't remember that I did.

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anatomy of anxiety. It amazes me how the itty bitty amygdala can cause such chaos to the human body. Triggers during recovery (in this case, infidelity) have been compared to the triggers for PTSD. Ignoring it and keeping silent is not healthy or am effective way to process the pain. Get help, it takes more courage to get help than to be silent and suffer. You CAN do it...YOU are worth it.

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Depression isn’t just something you can “snap out of.” I think people find depression as some sort of personal weakness, and that people with depression just have to be more grateful or positive. They might get a lot of “your life isn’t that bad, it could be worse” speeches, but that’s not just what depression is about, and it definitely isn’t that easy to get over

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I just got done reading something about mental disorders I realized something. Sometimes our worst traits, in reality could be our best. Maybe its not a demon, maybe its like a super power. I mean dont get me wrong depression sucks. Anxiety sucks. But read some of these facts I learned. People diagnosed with Depression: -Are usually smarter than the average person. -Have a better perspective of the world -See situations more realistically. People diagnosed with ADHD -Thrive in disruptive…

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It's not offensive when people say things like this, but it depreciates the meaning of a serious illness. It's much more than a term.

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im sad.............anyone watch the new Austin and Ally???

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When we struggle with a mental illness, we often want to change what’s going on in our brain right now. But that’s not possible. The only thing to do is to accept what your brain is throwing at you and learn from it. But what is possible, is taking actions today that are going to make your brain better able to make healthy decisions in the future.

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I'm tired of getting asked this question and lying. It honestly sucks. But I feel as if I lie to myself about being okay, then sooner or later I will be

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