PET scan of the brain for depression

Real brain problems


Depressed people dream up to 3 times as much as non-depressed, great fact right? Now, I am not dreaming so much...or at least I don't remember that I did.

Awesome list! Love yourself and set boundaries (oh, and enforce those boundaries even when it's painful) - in a nutshell :-)

Depressed brain

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Never give up on your life!. #Psychological #Disorders #hawaiirehab

This really means something to me because it's truly what I go through everyday and it makes my life hell on earth. But lately the light started shining again and I feel hope, I started reading again and not pretending.

anatomy of anxiety. It amazes me how the itty bitty amygdala can cause such chaos to the human body. Triggers during recovery (in this case, infidelity) have been compared to the triggers for PTSD. Ignoring it and keeping silent is not healthy or am effective way to process the pain. Get help, it takes more courage to get help than to be silent and suffer. You CAN do it...YOU are worth it.

A post for Mental Health Blog Day "Stigma & Seeking Mental Health Services" (Image via Elizabeth Miller on Pinterest)


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PTSD... the most insulting thing Ive ever heard is that PTSD is made up by people who need attention.

When we struggle with a mental illness, we often want to change what’s going on in our brain right now. But that’s not possible. The only thing to do is to accept what your brain is throwing at you and learn from it. But what is possible, is taking actions today that are going to make your brain better able to make healthy decisions in the future.

I find this fascinating and since I have mental disorders, and this is something positive, and within reason, I'm comforted by it.

Paramore - never let this go. Please don‘t get me wrong. Because i‘ll never let this go. But i can‘t find the words to tell you.

Oh my God. This.

but sometimes I am ok...I'm figuring out what is ok and what isn't...give me time. Ultimately, I believe it's all ok, or at least going to be!