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How did they make Mr. Ed Talk ?

♥ OMG my favorite! Heaven heaven - me too - lost more darn fillings with these things

1960 Mr Ed Show. Wilbur drove a Studebaker and taught Mr. Ed how to read! Mr. Ed went on to college and got a Business Degree at Boston University.

Mr. Ed the talking horse. Gotta love the hat, as cute as the glasses.

Mr. Ed - used to be fascinated by his horse lip movements. They never matched the words -- how did he do that?

Mr. Ed was really a zebra??!! Wow. Who knew?? lol

I loved Mr Ed - My brother, sister and I each had our own talking Mister Ed Hand Puppets.

If you want to get published or be a successful self-published author, the cart has to be put before the horse. Must build platform first/simultaneously while writing book.