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This site has every use you could imagine for wine corks.

37 Insanely Creative Things To Do With Popped Corks - I only like a few of these...

These easy upcycling projects will make sure your corks don't go to waste!

wine cork centerpiece

Another reason for all of my wine corks...

DIY Cork Coasters Using Small Picture Frames These coasters are black, sexy and one of a kind! The corks are placed in the middle of a rustic and vintage looking frame and would look perfect in any wine decorated room. This would make a thoughtful and unique gift for a woman who loves to drink wine on a Thursday night with her girlfriend

Another good use for my wine corks

wine corks

Cork Mat

wine cork initials!

Hot plate - recycled old frame + left over corks! Yes, must make for a gift!

diy wine cork bath mat

Wine Cork Decor

Seashell tea light candle andreasharpe2 craft ideas

Home-made cork board

cork jewelery board


have candles floating in water

Mom! Hot glue corks on a yard stick and you get a vertical cork board - great for small spaces / wall ends

cork wreath!