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Beautiful golden horse with clean shiny coat. Peeking over at his buddy next door.

A small desk parked near the china hutch provides a sweet spot for correspondence. - Photo: John Bessler / Design: Matthew Patrick Smyth

from Sinsations By Radhika

Teletubbies cake

I loved making this sweet custom designed Teletubbies cake for baby S’s first birthday. When R first contacted me, I had just about heard of Teletubbies– never made a cake in that theme…

Ayer, al acabar la mañana fui al agua despues de uno de esos dias en que todo sale mal. Hacia un frio del carajo y un tiempo fatal, pero aquello que a veces necesitamos para relajarmos, hacer una inmersion. Mi sorpresa fue que encontré dos ejemplares de esta medusa, no se cual es, y me extrañó por lo fria del agua. En fin todo este rollo para deciros que me alegró la inmersion y por un rato olvidé problemas. La superficie del mar estaba movidita. Saludos!.

San Diego Zoo’s jaguar cub (I'm in love!!), born to mom Nindiri in March, is keeping mom busy with his antics. Now this amazing little cub NEEDS A NAME! --- There are 7 options—but vote for Jajari ;) VOTE HERE:

Anyone get these beaut's on your property? We used to get them in our backyard. One time a herd rumbled past our front door when tourist drove up our driveway to take pictures. It caused them to charge right past our driveway that our boy had literally just walked away from. It reminded me that his life is in God's hands. These beaut's liked hanging out with our English Cream Retriever to practice on so our dog "Buck" had a bit of a challenge but they finally got used to each other.

Reserva natural de Kaziranga, Assam. Refugio de las dos terceras partes de rinocerontes del mundo, alrededor de 1000 ejemplares.