My friend Heidi sent me this after I lost true this is and I'm thankful to have known the love of a tiny little man dog :-)

Words on why we love our pets. I loved you best. ♥

only read this if you want a really good long hard CRY---because that's what I'm doing right now....

A dog's last will and testament


Words to live by

For my beautiful child that we never got to meet. You are in Gods arms, my sweet baby.

The correct way to calculate your dogs age.

made me tear up

For dad.

If people had hearts like dogs...

I love that dog.


Dog Quotes

Quotes About Loving Our Pets | Vegan Great Dane: Quotes about Dogs

What is love? Love is when you're watching a sad movie and your dog sees you crying and comes over to comfort you. That is love. | Thinking Of You Ecard |

I <3 my dogs!

Dog quote

Most anyone who has been around dogs knows that there is something spiritual about their sweet, loving and unexpecting nature. When someone is feeling troubled, the silent devoted companionship of a dog can many times do more help than reading self-help books or talking to a therapist.