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haha jurassic park. Get your S- together Phil

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Supervisor +Phil, this wasn’t amateur hour. People died because of your lack of supervision. There were raptors all up in the kitchen Phil. Worst dinosaur supervisor ever.

taken from website funnyexam.com

What's hard water? It's ice... Convert centimetre to metre? Take out centi... Teachers spill the beans on funniest exam answers EVER

Take out centi. Teachers spill the beans on funniest exam answers EVER

Yes! I can wear sweatpants!

I've got bad news for you if you don't own sweatpants. View "Flowchart for College Girls: Should You Wear Sweatpants?" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

[THIS IS PRICELESS]“Are you sure you graded that correctly?” | 24 Things Teachers Never Want To Hear From Parents

"Are you sure you graded that correctly?"

Seems legit.

this is no laughing matter.but i can't stop cracking up about it

beauty of simplicity

Funny Exams - E Assuming they mean Nevadan water (not solid wat

HILARIOUS!!! This is exactly what it's like playing hide and seek with kids!!

Kids who totally stink at playing hide and seek. This is why I love playing hide and seek with my kids lol

Kids write the darndest, etc.

9 Hilariously Distressing Letters From Kids

hahahaha "I am running away because you think I farted when I dident. PS you are mean." 25 Funny Notes Written By Kids All from the mouths of babes. The utterly hilarious mouths of babes.