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Cambio Climatico

el cambio climatico


¿Crees en el cambio climático?

Cambio climático: las tendencias futuras #infografia

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Ecosystems Science Interactive Notebook Pages - topics include abiotic & biotic factors, biodiversity, biomes, natural selection, selective breeding, parasite, host, niche, ecosystems, predator, prey, consumer, producer, decomposer, food chains, food webs, levels of organization & more

earth day crafts and activities for kidsand toddlers

Humor gráfico - ¡No pasa nada! sobre el cambio climático

Editable classroom organizer for middle and high school teachers! Black and white theme for easy printing! $

Terminos Literarios-presentation, note taking, and activity. Great for teaching students how to analyze literature in Spanish.

Great hands-on practice of making complete sentences in the #Spanish #preterite #tense! Students create logical sentences from the subject, verb, verb ending, and sentence ending cards provided, one type of card per sentence. Excellent formative assessment!

Cambio Climático - excelente video Clip Peruano

This BIOMES Fact Pack includes: {5} Posters with Info {5} Pocket Chart Cards {5} InfoTexts and Comp Checks {4} Short Answer Pages {6} Writing Prompts {9} Printables {4} Flip Books {1} Early Writer’s Project

Have students calculate their ecological footprints so that they can see the impact their lifestyle decisions has on the planet. A one day activity that will have your students thinking critically about this issue. A great no-prep day for you or a great sub plan.

Por o Para Presentation and Student Activities. Great way to distinguish when to use each!

Get organized!

Poster de Reglas de Ortografia de las Palabras con Acento Agudas Graves Esdrujulas Sobreesdrujulas - Descarga Instantanea - Super Oferta by LoveSimplyLove

Spanish Writing Center

Cambio Climático, Perú: La Retirada