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Toby and Dad smash down aforemetnioned incongrous wall (toby whilst holding BB from a a safe distance)

I’m pretty excited that a retrospective of artist Tony Feher’s work is coming to Houston, to the Blaffer Art Museum, during 2012. New Yorkers can look forward to the exhibition, organized by the Blaffer, opening at the Bronx Museum in October 2013. Like many artists we feature on Unconsumption, Feher sees beauty in everyday things.  “I think there’s beauty and importance and character in absolutely everyone and everything. A single pebble on a beach is as extraordinary as a mo

Bathroom Beagle - Oh yeah. It's all about the starring. I think dogs are saying that "how can you make in the house and I can't"

impressive! If you have a not-so-nice smelling room, you either buy a boatload of ugly artificial air fresheners or you buy the Hakutan. Hakutan is a section of White Charcoal with an extremely high carbon content; this high grade of charcoal cleanses the air naturally and remains active indefinitely. It regulates humidity (think bathroom) and absorbs odors (kitchen smells), all while looking like a small natural sculpture.