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  • Darry Baker

    Where in the world is our waiter? So true

  • Alexandra Shirk

    As a server I can semi agree. It's more like 1. At your table 2. Nearby 3. Running food, taking a large party, doing side work, helping another server, or you drink too damn fast and that's your third re-fill within 10 minutes. 4. I've given up on you and your fifth Dr.Pepper and have gone to fetch you a water with lemon!

  • Danielle Christine

    Location of your waiter. I'm on triton because that's you're 9th iced tea, jerk.

  • Holly Marie

    Tipping a waiter more if my diet coke stays at the across the room level

  • Cat Tran

    true story bc i drink lots of water

  • Christy Nelson Richardson

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