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I feel like he would have been saying something like your turn to dance, and then he like starts making some weird "music" yea... I just feel like that's a Harry type of thing ~G

Harry styles| what if this was his face when he saw you walk down the aisle no stop I shouldn't be allowed to talk

Happy 20th Birthday Harry :) My little cupcake ! I love you so much . I can't Believe he's 20 ! there officially a ... NO don't say it . A Man Band . I'm crying ♥ :'(

LIKE OR COMMENT FOR A FOLLOW!! I'm going to bed though so I'll follow you when I awaken! ILY GUYS SO MUCH!! Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!! :D xoxoxoxo

Harry Styles -- he's so passionate in his performances, its great to see how much he loves to be on stage

Wait, whats this? Excuse me but who is responsible for this picture? they are responsible for my heart

Harry Styles. Probably one of the most attractive people I've ever seen. Ever. Top that off with the voice of an angel and an accent. Marry me?

so this is my husband and i'd like... enjoy it if you would politely stay the fuck away from him ( :