Vertical Garden

When gardening becomes art. Would love to have a Patrick Blanc living wall -- and a house big enough to hold it.

Moss Acres: #12 hay para todos los gustos

A moss chair. ooo imagine a tea party outside with many many moss chairs. and moss tables! and moss tea cup plates.

Fairy house

♧ Charming Fairy Cottages ♧ garden faerie gnome & elf houses & miniature furniture - amazing Fairy house in tree stump

Peaceful Garden

54 Spectacular Garden Paths

Garden pathways bring order green spaces and make the landscape enticing. Veranda offers advice on plotting a garden and planning garden pathways and garden walkways.

Moss lawn--better in my shaded yard way easier to keep up

Pathway to. These mossy steps are straight out of a fairy tale, I adore the mystery of them. They appear almost sculptural and become an artform in themselves rather than just steps leading away somewhere. I am still in love with moss.

Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

Thailand is now on my bucketlist cause i wanna stay in one of these things! The Den Sleep-Over Pod, Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand (by wandermelon).

images moss fungi lichen | FUNGI, LICHEN, MOSS by carter flynn on

Lichen on a tree. Did you know there were so many different lichen? Parmelia sulcata (upper frame, blueish-green) Rinodina roboris (centre, blue) ~ By Vaughan Fleming