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I just want a guy who listens to the same music as I do, is funny, has an amazing personality and is incredibly sweet to me. Is that so hard to understand?

<3 i love both those shoes.... that striped shirt... that beanie.... those pants... and......................... THAT PANDA HAT. asldkhafjsdk:

I sit in my room looking over the times and places each scientists takes each patient to try on them seems my turn was next as they walked into my room as I grinned "why hello gentlemen"-Junto (open)

[]Emo boys who look like him[]"Hello I'm Sammy and I'm 17. I'm a werewolf. I'm laid back, funny, and a bit shy. I love going hunting for prey. I'm single and bi. Introduce?

um hey I'm Nathan.. I'm 18. my big sister is Raven.. I'm here because I suffer from severe depression and self harm. sometimes it gets out of control. but um I like to play guitar and go on walks with people who accept me...