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Edward Kennedy (FS II.240) | Andy Warhol, Edward Kennedy (FS II.240) (1980)

Camouflage (FS II.409) | Andy Warhol, Camouflage (FS II.409) (1987)

Camouflage (FS II.406) | Andy Warhol, Camouflage (FS II.406) (1987)

JAGGER FS II.140 | Andy Warhol, JAGGER FS II.140 (1975)

Moonwalk (FS.II.404) | Andy Warhol, Moonwalk (FS.II.404) (1987)

Electric Chair (FS.II.74) | Andy Warhol, Electric Chair (FS.II.74) (1971)

Ladies and Gentlemen (Purple) (FS II.132) | Andy Warhol, Ladies and Gentlemen (Purple) (FS II.132) (1975)

General Custer (FS II.379) | Andy Warhol, General Custer (FS II.379) (1986)

Kachina Dolls (FS II.381) | Andy Warhol, Kachina Dolls (FS II.381) (1986)

Cowboys and Indians- Mother and Child (FS.II.383) | Andy Warhol, Cowboys and Indians- Mother and Child (FS.II.383) (1986)