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Also try controlling your pathological lying on FB, sKANK! Stop playin the victim in YOUR OWN self made drama. Or go ahead.. Keep proofing we were right about you.. Xo

You broke it in November as expected me to just trust you and not question things after that? And THEN.. You do lie and cheat on me.. And somehow now its all my fault? I have personality disorders? Pfft

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Narcissists are attention whores to say the least. Narcissists function much like a traffic controller in any environment they're in. Instead of controlling air traffic #narcissists control attention. Naturally the narcissist prefers all of the attention is focused on her. If the attention isn't focused on the narcissist the narcissist feels compelled to manage how much attention each individual receives and who gives and receives said attention. Narcissists loathe when others get attention.

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