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Being an adult is mostly just going to bed when you don't want to and also waking up when you don't want to.

Every stupid day, my inner 2 year old pitches a fit and "won't, won't, WON'T" go to bed at a "reasonable hour".

Thought of you and your broken collar bone....but this is also me pregnant! LOL :D

I talk an awful lot of smack for someone who tips over when putting on their underwear

I do it all the time!!

I do it all the time!!

Tots!                                                       …                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Or with loads of confidence! Or try a southern accent.no one knows what the hell we are saying when we add that twang!

I grew up living paycheck to paycheck, but through hard work and perseverance I now live direct deposit to direct deposit. and that would be me ;

Okay, this is exactly what I do..everyday..I'm doing it now..

Procrastination alleviates stress levels ( If you deal with issues, new ones come along to replace the original issues anyway 👍


The best way to learn is to open the fridge.

Don't confuse me with your technical terms!

Use words like "You pass Target on your left, then take a right at the CVS" LANDMARKS people!