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How to shoot an expansion

Expanding an image comes in two stages, first is the shooting process, second is the photoshop process. Both are fairly simple once you know them and have practised a few times. Shooting Process: What you will be doing is taking a main image of your subject so you can get nice and close and then taking photos of the surrounding area to widen. - Set your exposure and don’t change it. It’s best to use a custom white balance instead of auto so theres no colour shift. - Use a wider aperture…

02. Lightroom Tutorial: Make This Your First Step Every Time You Edit a Raw Photo

Top 5 Free Photo Editing Websites

Looking for editing software Here are 5 awesome and free photo editing websites.

Oh god. I need to rewrite everything. I know for a fact I used "feel" in my writing today.


Step by Step Guide to Using Back Light

Photography Tip | Lighting Tutorial | How to Use Back Light | Back Lit Images

how to get great photos of your toddler & get them to sit still

great tips for getting your toddler to sit still and look at the camera so you can get great photos - #5 is my favorite! #toddlers #photography