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Great idea

.ancestors birthdates and war

Brodie Castle by Gary Murison

Brodie Family Crest Brodie Coat of Arms

Brodie Castle again in northern Scotland, UK. This time I fancied that olde look and played with a texture in photoshop #Mac Interestingly, whilst on the tour inside this old home we learned two things: One, it's not a castle! That just sounds good and gets the tourists in! It's actually a fortified home..... Two, the old postal address for this place was just Brodie Castle, NB. !! NB being: North Britain. What an address, eh??? !!! Brilliant :)

Welcome to the National Trust for Scotland Holiday Accommodation - Find out all about our Brodie Castle holiday accommodation

Winter time at Brodie castle by Gary Murison. That is a great photo.

Winter time at Brodie Castle - Scotland.

Brodie Castle from the North West

Brodie Castle ~ so fun to take my son (Brodie) to this castle last year!

Scottish Castles Photo Library - Brodie Castle, Forres, Moray

Part of Brodie Castle kitchens

Brodie Castle Moray-shire, Scotland

Brodie Castle courtyard

Back of Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle gardens

Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle

The Blue Sitting Room, Brodie Castle

The Scullery, Brody Castle

Brodie Castle

Lady Margaret Duff, daughter of the 1st Earl of Fife and wife of James Brodie, 1770 by John Downman

William Brodie, later 22nd Laird, with his brothers, sisters and a dog by John Opie

Alexander (Sandy) Brodie, later 20th laird, as a child with a dog by Charles Phillips

Hugh Brodie, 23rd laird by James Maclaren Barclay