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Pursuer of Truth and lover of Love. Day by day I battle to be the man I'm called to be: husband, dad, brother, friend, entrepreneur and in all ravenously hungry for real adventure and true freedom.   See a slice of me here. ...

It is a practice to speak less and to listen more... I know a lot, think a lot, feel a lot and notice everything... I just have practiced my way out of being able to express myself in a coherent way vocally... I can write it down for you if you want...

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21 Amazing Emma Watson Quotes That Every Girl Should Live Their Life By

I had to find the truth and I did. It would have been kind of you to just tell me, but whatever. It's over and done with. I've moved on and so should you. Please quit stalking me...i want to be myself without someone breathing down my neck! ( for E. R. )