Goldfish in a bowl lollipops -

Cotton candy on glow sticks! OMG how cool is this?

Conversation Heart Lollipops

Use unwrapped dum-dums as cupcake toppers! Looks like little balloons... cute!!

Cookie Bowls - Man so neat

Yet more baked goods ideas, fish bowl cake pops! ~~ I like these, because you actually *want* the edge from setting them down.

My son’s class took their end of the year trip to the aquarium.  They were so excited for this trip.  I figured to add to the fun I would send in a treat for them.  I decided to do cupcakes that look like fish. I surfed Pinterest for some ideas …

How creative it this!

mermaid party favors

Bumblebee cupcake

Dr. Seuss punch

Fish Sorbet Balls

Goldfish Marshmallow Pops

SUCCESS - Homemade Frozen Pizzas - EASY, CHEAP, YUMMY

Potloodhengels net visjes

Chocolade Lolly’s |

Use hollowed out bell peppers as dip bowls in a veggie platter.

Easy Lollipops - Use your creativity and have fun making these easy 1-ingredient lollipops! These are great for birthday parties, bake sales, Valentine's Day, weddings and other special occasions!!


Fishies - Taartje van An

Fish cupcakes with m&m;'s - Cool!