Basic T-Shirt Quilt Instructions.

I think this is a great idea, I could use a trash bag is my vehicle that could actually look good and get used as well great idea, simple project

Tshirt quilt tutorial, would be neat to send the girls off to college with a quilt of tshirt memories like this.

How-to make a quilt out of old t-shirts for people who don't sew. Memory Quilt!

DIY Photo Quilt

How to make a DIY Fleece T-Shirt Quilt- By FAR the easiest way to make a t-shirt quilt! Only takes a few hours!

AWESOME! T-shirt Quilt Tutorial @ Diary of a Crafty Lady - Uneven quilt squares makes a unique #quilt! #tshirtquilt #tshirt

Harley T-Shirt Quilt

T Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilt...I like the idea of using the scraps

Tshirt quilt tutorials!!!

Lol i thought they used thongs at first lol. Cute layering idea for under those shirts that dip too low. I am tired of wearing tank tops all the time! Too many layers!

3 Hour Rag Quilt Tutorial. Cute, easy and quick!

4 pillows and 3 yards of fabric Seen this before but this one has instructions!!!

T-shirt rag pillow. Memories and comfort all 'tied' up together... Cute, but I DON'T SEW!

tshirt refashion

Tshirt Pillow... { T Shirt Pillows } Super Cute and great conversation pieces! @Bonnie & Trish { Uncommon Designs }

Baby Clothes Quilt

I've had one for two years and nothing works as well. Mine was made from 2 cups of DAWN and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. I used the good ziplock bags- one inside on another with one zipper side down inside the other with the zip on top. Loosely wrap in a thin dishtowel or into a old pillow case. Mine started leaking after about a year so I just poured it into new bags. It freezes nearly solid but becomes maleable quickly. Don't use on bare skin without a cover- they are really, really c...