Graham Franciose.

Best Friends Ink and acrylic on coffee stained paper artist: Graham Franciose "thats fran-chose, not fran-swah folks", as he mentions on his website

From Bears in the Wild, by Ada and Frank Graham. Copyrighted 1981 by Diane Dee Tyler.

This probably wasn't the artist's intention, but these three bears remind me of Toklo, Kallik, and Lusa from Erin Hunter's Seekers series. Hence this is in my literature board.

gorgeous (and witty) hand-cut silhouettes

The Most Inspirational Celebrity Quotes on Aging

Hi, bye Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre might not be the most modest of names for a set of illustrations but it is doubtlessly fitting. Wilhelm Staehle clearly has a brilliant sense of humour, not only are the postcard illustrations very funny, but.


I want to get a bear tattoo. But it’s hard to find a drawing that captures what I associate with it. This one’s nice, but I can imagine it would be quite hard to tattoo. (via Bear // Graphite Stretched Canvas by Sandra Dieckmann

Shaun Tan

woman and bear, art by shaun tan.reminds of snow white & rose red story also beauty & the beast