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Eliminate the need to run through the house looking for batteries ever again. Use a plastic tackle box to hold your batteries, grouped by size.

door knobs on plywood, in a pretty frame. what a cool way to organize necklaces!

Coolest hidden storage trick yet! Sewing Barefoot: "hidden storage" books


When I Saw Why She Emptied Out Her Pill Organizer, I Had To Try…Brilliant!

And of course, pill boxes can hold pills, too! But they don't have to be daily prescriptions. Sort your various OTC pills for when you're away from home.

file holder to store foil and plastic wrap under cabinet

put folded sheets inside their pillowcases, why didn't i think of this before?!

Add extra storage with an extra shower curtain rod, then all you have to so is hang up some shower caddies.

from BabyCenter Blog

Why didn’t someone tell me sooner? Part 3

No more open bags of flour/sugar getting everywhere

Great way to organize User Manuals! I need to do this!