• Isa Ovando

    Generosidades del bicarbonato de sodio ..... http://mx.selecciones.com/upload/contents/secondaryImage_1305.jpg

  • Sheila Mitchell-Favrin

    9 Home Uses For Baking Soda ~~ Do your curious kids touch & taste everything in sight? Befriend your box of baking soda! Free of harsh chemicals, baking soda is a wonderfully effective and kid-safe household product that can be used on everything from kitchen drains to diaper rashes. Use this impressive natural cleaning product for: Odor & Stain Remover, Scouring Powder, Stainless Steel Cleaner,Drain Cleaner, Coffee-Pot Cleaner, Shampoo & Body Wash, (Itchy) Skin Soother, Cut Flower Saver.

  • Cadence At Crown

    You won't believe all the ways to use baking soda at home! #DIY #cleaners

  • Marie Wylie

    Best Articles on the Wonderful Sodium Bicarbonate....at the end of the medical part of the article there is a list of everyday uses including how much baking soda for a bath soak.

  • Jamie Dell

    Heartburn ♨ and a home remedy....

  • Samantha Baldwin

    After using a credit card to take out the stinger on a bee sting. Mix baking soda and water to help soothe the sting.

  • Ann King

    Baking soda for acid reflux, baking soda apple cider vinegar acid reflux, baking soda precautions

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