The Princess Scientist...Going too far?

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LAB EQUIPMENT art print by Rachelignotofsky on Etsy, $29.00

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Weird Science Chemistry Lab Clipart, Frames, Badges & Paper - Beaker Microscope #science #tpt #biology #chemistry

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LEAF chemistry

Hannah Branham Simplistic drawings of each scientists models with a humorous addition. This gives a brief idea of what each scientist thought of an atom, helping students recall the smaller details about each one.

LAB FABRIC -- quilting cotton -- Larger lab equipment is about 4 3/4", from the 'Academic Club' collection by Maria Kalinowski of Kanvas Studio for Benartex.

These gorgeous posters of women scientists are pleasing to the eye for all the right reasons. See why our girls need to see them, on Babble.

Wikipedia edit-a-thon focuses on female scientists.

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Asked Why There Are So Few Female Physicists, Male Scientists Often Cite Lack of Math Skills. Oh, Re...OH, REALLY?