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Arrow - Oliver and Felicity #Olicity ♥

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity ♥

Olicity - Marry the woman who brings out the best in you

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Of Processing, Bad Lying and Kissing, an arrow fanfic

She was only supposed to be on one episode and now she is the most beloved character on the show. Felicity tumblr.

Arrow, Felicity - I love how much the cat loves Felicity/Emily Bett Rickards! And Olicity, of course!

emily bett rickards (felicity megan smoak) / stephen adam amell (oliver jonas queen / green arrow) - season 3, episode 20

Olicity moments in Arrow

#Arrow #Olicity

Olicity is totally endgame.

Baby in the foundry. lolllzzz Love Diggle!!! Arrow - Oliver and Diggle #3.5 #Season3

Ollie didn't know how to be around little baby Sara in the arrow cave!

1x20 Home Invasion - Oliver and Felicity - They keep each others secrets! - Arrow, Olicity

I keep your secret😂😂😂Arrow - I had to pin this. One of my favorite Felicity moments :)


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The captains Queen Chapter an arrow fanfic

because my heart, it a c h e s for you and only you. #Olicity

"The Fallen" - Felicity and Oliver

Felicity, Arrow & Arsenal #Arrow #TheSecretOriginOfFelicitySmoak

Felicity, Arrow & Arsenal for the record, she does tell him how to get rid of the virus.

Arrow - Felicity #4.1 #Season4 #Olicity

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Arrow - Felicity #4.1 #Season4 #Olicity

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #3.12 #Season3 #Olicity <3

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity Season 3 Olicity My heart was soo excited

Arrow - Felicity and Oliver #3.1 #Season3 #Olicity ♥♥♥

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Arrow - Felicity and Oliver That awkward hug tho

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity #Olicity

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #3.23 #Season3 #Olicity <3

"I'm thinking a state that can annul a Nanda Parbat marriage" - Oliver & Felicity

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