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Aztec Three Faced Mask. c1300AD... "The three faces depict three phases in which human time. The central face is jovial and full of the vigor of youth, referring to the time when individuals are during their most productive in a society. The exterior mask has closed eyes, alluding to the opposite phase, death. In between is a period of no less importance, the state that arrives with experience: old age."

As part of our Space Lab class we had to make an animal mask this term (see the previous photos for examples of some other peoples'). I made a giraffe mask, in a very diagramattic form -- I concentrated on just trying to get the shape and most important features. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out -- there are some bits where the shape seems just right -- but by the end of term there were so many very realistic animals around that I felt a bit naked wearing this skeletal mask.

This mask originates from the Oruro region of Bolivia. La Diablada is a masked dance to appease the evil spirit of the mines, and developed an additional meaning after Christianity took hold in the culture - it was adapted to represent good (Archangel Michael) versus evil (Lucifer).

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Un masque de hibou pour le carnaval

Owl Mask #diy / Maschera a forma di Gufo #faidate

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How to Make Easy Paper Mache Masks

How to Make Easy Paper Mache Masks More

"Pop-Up Tribal Masks" art lesson plan by Sharpie and Neenah Paper for grades 4-12. Students will experiment with symmetrical pop-up techniques, resulting in the creation of a tribal-type mask.

masks. Hele coole maskers maken voor een feestje! Voor Sint Maarten dag lampions maken uitleggen wat wij in NL doen op die dag. Mijn eigen oude kinderfoto meenemen uit de krant met mn lampionetje.

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Onyx Leather Haunted Tree Ent Mask - Living Flame

Onyx Leather Haunted Tree Ent Mask - Living Flame. By Epic Leather on etsy. $100

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Unfold the Fun with Smallful Printables

Printable masks by Smallful

Frida & Diego with tutorial on how to make the mask on the same blog.