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Mask from the Malinke people of Mali, West Africa ●彡

Recipe journal 2014 by Sally Mao

Сон в летнюю ночь

DIY Halloween DIY Costumes: DIY Making a bird mask

Vases using recycled board, chipboard, and making tape

Fashion sketch

Aztec Three Faced Mask. c1300AD... "The three faces depict three phases in which human time. The central face is jovial and full of the vigor of youth, referring to the time when individuals are during their most productive in a society. The exterior mask has closed eyes, alluding to the opposite phase, death. In between is a period of no less importance, the state that arrives with experience: old age."

Boar Mask - cardboard sculpture by Jacqui Oakley

Elephant Mask from the Bamileke people of Cameroon http://ansichtkaarten.delcampe.net/page/item/id,181361165,var,REPUBLIQUE-CENTRAFRICAINE--Masque-Africain--BAMILEKE,language,D.html

Onyx Leather Haunted Tree Ent Mask - Living Flame. By Epic Leather on etsy. $100

Kiiappak Inuit Mask from Greenland, 20th Century ●彡

Jurga sculpteur | La Terre DOr

RP How to Make Easy Paper Mache Masks Sale waterproof suction-mount #ipadCase for #shower or #kitchen 55% Off - Only at http://splashtablet.com thru 10/31


grace-mask.jpg 648×1,066 pixels Animal masks by Grace Lang

giant praying mantis puppet. How to make giant puppets for a "handmade parade".

"Pop-Up Tribal Masks" art lesson plan by Sharpie and Neenah Paper for grades 4-12. Students will experiment with symmetrical pop-up techniques, resulting in the creation of a tribal-type mask.

Frida & Diego with tutorial on how to make the mask on the same blog.

a la Kandinsky (tutorial)

Make your own hare mask from recycled card *** Cheap downloadable DIY template ! **** So cute ♥