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The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age

The domestic chicken is a serious contender to be a fossil that defines the Anthropocene for future geologists.

THIS is Opal Whitely. She made a name for herself as an amateur naturalist and was a child prodigy being able to catalog vast amounts of information on animals and plants. I will post her diary which was painstakingly reproduced from scraps after a step sister, being jealous of Opal's soft ways, tore it to shreds. Later it was restored and published. To me it is a treasure.

Shocking Discovery About Jesus

Biblical Archaeology ` Evidence of Solomon's Temple have been found at this site. It dates back to the time of David and the artifacts found closely corresponds to descriptions found in the book of Kings found in the Bible.( Khirbet Qelayfa site) ` via Huffington Post