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Anti-Suffragette Postcards from the Early 20th Century

Anti-Suffragette Postcard from the Early 20th Century. Some British suffragettes went on hunger strikes while in prison to gain recognition as political prisoners. They were routinely tied down and force-fed with feeding tubes shoved down their throats.

© 2011 Christy K. Robinson This story illustrates the common attitude toward women who were unusual or stood out from the c...

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New Year’s Gift list of 1534 which details gifts granted to and from the King. You will notice a blatant omission: Mary, his eldest, was clearly out of favour owing to her stance against Henry’s new marriage (to Anne Boleyn). She was given nothing and no gift from her was accepted by him (not that she was in a sufficient financial position to get her father a gift in the first place). So sad

Vaginal Speculum (1600s) Specula have been used for thousands of years to allow doctors better vision and access to the vaginal area (or other body cavities) by expanding after insertion. This 17th century European example, which appears to use a cranking motion to expand, is more ornate and intimidating than most