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Super Sheds: Coming to Your Backyard Soon

As we noted last year in an earlier roundup of modern sheds, they are an great way to get more space without more mortgage, and the gateway drug for modern prefab. There has been so much action in the shed world that it is time for an update.

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Love the charming green roof! You can create something similar in your home with vertical indoor gardens, here's more info:

Join the green roof craze by growing sedum and other succulents on top of your garden shed. The succulents keep the shed cooler, soak up rainwater, and brighten the garden with their colorful foliage and blooms.

hmmm...wonder if it is worth it with such short summer? looks amazing.. I want a new gardening shed :)

Potting shed rooftop garden. Use drought tolerant plants, such as sedum or other succulents. This picture is from a display at the Philadelphia flower show.

true story...this was once on my vision board and then I was traveling and called a rental company where we were headed and she said 'I have the perfect place for you'. we arrived in the dark and when I woke up I had slept inside the EXACT cottage on my vision board!!!!!!!!!!

this is similar to what my parents are building in their nature preserve. I cant wait to utilize it. paint, listen to records, bird watch.

Here is the little house I would love to have out back for my retreat!

Hen house... looks like it belongs in the Shire.

A n z u: Grass roofs I stumbled across this blog with a huge post about grass roofs. And this house looks so out of a fairytale I half expect a unicorn to be nibbling on the bushes. Haha!