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Lol, so true, no mater how much time we spend together, no matter how much we talk or chat online, I never want it to end, and I can't wait til it happens again...

| | - Just by your touch you make me forget the rest of the world. - [ #S0FT ]

It is always YOU!! Guess you could tell I was in my dream world as I stood there looking at you! Some days it takes every ounce of my strength not to pull you close to me..hold you so tight & kiss you passionately!!! Today is one of those days! I am so much in love with YOU! Just the slightest touch from you sends lightning bolts through me & I ache for YOU Baby!! Omigosh I Do!!!!!***

I don't see how this is romantic. The first thing that came to mind of was a pic of the man squinting just to be able to see. No one looks at the sun with out their eyes hurting. Just a thought. Now if it'd had said moon then that's a different story. ;)

Don’t worry, be happy

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