• Mary Hall

    Kitchen Ski House Retreat The mountains and aspen groves surrounding this Colorado ski house set the tone for this rustic kitchen retreat. The copper sink and range hood, hand-hewn wood floors, and log beams add warmth and balance the Colorado Flagstone surround. A rustic, chipped countertop edge adds to the outdoorsy feel, and bronze deco tiles depicting aspen leaves liven up the backsplash behind the range. by Tanya Shively, ASID, LEED AP

  • Kylie Curry

    Rustic kitchen - My dream kitchen that would be in my dream house

  • Kaela Pollich

    Country/Rustic (Country) #kitchen decorating before and after #kitchen interior design #kitchen design ideas #modern kitchen design #living room design| http://my-kitchen-stuffs-collections.13faqs.com

  • Triston Kunze

    Country Rustic #kitchen design #kitchen decorating #kitchen interior #kitchen decorating before and after #modern kitchen design

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