• Golden Retriever Breeder

    Dealing with the Occasional Mess The idea that Golden Retriever puppy house training is effective when you rub your puppy's nose in its mess or scold it near the mess is ineffective. Instead, take your dog into the yard, encourage them to use this area for messing and clean up the mess while the dog is still outside. The smell needs to be completely removed before your dog returns, so use a commercial or natural cleaner that is effective in moving pet odors. Otherwise, your dog will be drawn to the smell and make a habit out of using the same space as a bathroom. Golden Retriever puppy house training requires patience and effort, but it is the most important lesson you will teach your young dog. Whether you choose to crate train your dog or you use another method, find something that works for you and your dog and commit to it. Consistency is the key to any training method. Training your puppy is hard work, but the payoff is well worth the effort. ******************************************* #goldenretrieverbreeder #goldenretrieverpuppy #goldenretriever #forsalepuppies #dsgoldendelights #breeder #puppies #Delaware #Maryland #NewHampshire #NewJersey #NewYork #NorthCarolina #Ohio #Pennsylvania #Tennessee #Virginia #Georgia #WestVirginia #newjerseygoldenretrieverpuppies #newyorkgoldenretrieverpuppies #delawaregoldenretrieverpuppies #virginiagoldenretrieverpuppies  #pennsylvaniagoldenretrieverpuppies #marylandgoldenretrieverpuppies

  • Terry Sinclair

    how sweet...except when you have 3 dogs with paws like this- waiting at the door to come in :-)

  • Elisa Aitoro

    muddy puppy... so cute yet so bad...

  • Nicole Malik

    Dirty little puppy dog! Too cute to be mad at the naughtiness. :)

  • Diana Taccone

    so cute when it's not your dog <3

  • Maria Daugbjerg (1)

    dog animals cute puppy puppies dirty dogs baby animals cute animals cute baby animals golden retriever dirty puppy golden retriver puppy

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