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TRAIL CHEF: IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT TRAIL BAR Three do-it-yourself energy bar recip

Backpacker Blogs - Trail Chef: Mix & Match Cheesecake

Wonderland trail, mt. Rainier. Ive done almost all of it pre washout. Never all in ine trip though!

Backpacker Magazine gives you tips on how to get fit to hike farther. The word up front is totally worth the payoff on the trail!

Hiking Cake - This would be great for a wedding with two hikers as cake toppers.

Perhaps you were separated from your group, or perhaps you decided it would be safer and faster to travel in two smaller groups than one large group. Here is how to leave signs for your group and other groups of survivors.

blueberry ricotta pancakes... ohhhh now please @econciergeMUC @SpaConcierge

Chicken Curry Wrap (Justin Bailie) Awesome backpacking meal.

Backpacker Blogs - Trail Chef: 8 Dirtbag Dinners. "There are two kinds of backpackers: those willing to haul fresh veggies, backpacking ovens, and a French press in service of gourmet cuisine, and those who would rather just rehydrate their peas and be done with it. I'm a card-carrying member of the former group"