Avengers cast at Disney’s D23 Expo, August 2011

Avengers cast at Disney’s Expo, August 2011 look at that all of them all dressed up :) oh I like Jeremy's outfit soo casual XD :)

While I normally don't approve of people stealing other people's props... Here... Tom Go for it! This is me and my brother...

Tom Hiddleston talking about Chris Hemsworth. Sheesh, Thor, could you act any more like a whiny sibling? Don't touch his hammer!

Fan favorite

Well, Loki did 'die' a hero in TDW, and he's a fan favorite, so he did both. Beat that, villains!

Loki #Avengers (first scene with Loki)

Loki Laufeyson - This headcanon makes so much sense! On Assembling the Avengers and Loki's Master Plan