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I know someone like that. He thinks he hurts me, but I'm great. Thanks for the beautiful gift you left behind.

You might be a narcissist if... you take no responsibility for your destructive behaviors that hurt your children and then blame their mom for everything.

An Upturned Soulfrom An Upturned Soul

Life on a Narcissistic Roller Coaster

I will never understand a man who is alive and well not wanting anything to do with his own children. My husband turned out to be a great husband and father regardless of who his father is. He's a man we are proud of. He's 100 times the father his dad will ever be. For his father is no man at all.

Dead+Beat+Dads+say+stuff+like+ "I+miss+my+kids+so+much"+ &+"I+love+my+kids"+but+ have+yet+to+be+involved+ in+their+kids+lives+and+ then+expect+the+ mother+to+jump+when+ he+says+he+wants+to+ see+them.

Deadbeat dad and abusive psycho sociopathIc narcissistic self centered - can't change them but you can change yourself:

Deadbeat dad.... Luckily I found a man that would take the job with pride. And love them more their biological father ever did.

#Psychopathicparents do not love their children. They are not concerned about a child growing up to be healthy, productive members of society. They look at children as possessions...Some psychopaths neglect their children. Others engage in #physicalabuse and sexual molestation.