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You might be a narcissist if... you take no responsibility for your destructive behaviors that hurt your children and then blame their mom for everything.

Dead+Beat+Dads+say+stuff+like+ "I+miss+my+kids+so+much"+ &+"I+love+my+kids"+but+ have+yet+to+be+involved+ in+their+kids+lives+and+ then+expect+the+ mother+to+jump+when+ he+says+he+wants+to+ see+them.

I know someone like that. He thinks he hurts me, but I'm great. Thanks for the beautiful gift you left behind.

An Upturned Soulfrom An Upturned Soul

Life on a Narcissistic Roller Coaster

I will never understand a man who is alive and well not wanting anything to do with his own children. My husband turned out to be a great husband and father regardless of who his father is. He's a man we are proud of. He's 100 times the father his dad will ever be. For his father is no man at all.

This is so true with lie after lie he tells.... Pitty the lying dead beat, poor lying ass dead beat M<3

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{Read this more than once, Ken. Notice that morality, respect, & honesty are not considered "puritanical" by the rest of the world...just you, idiot.}

All you see if how great you think you are. Thank God you show everyone else the truth every day.

And a real woman stands beside him to help make that happen!! Cheers to the step-moms who don't have to be but choose to be there!