A gecko wearing go-go boots. (I'm going to correct this and say a bearded dragon wearing go-go boots, but funny none the less).

Siamese are this smart! :) Organized Crime - and some people say animals aren't smart

This sea lion that had a little too much bath salts: | 28 Animals Who Have Made A Huge Mistake

Bearded Dragon- that is too freakin cute and funny! Oh Nessie is going to hate me when she's bigger :D

This cat who decided he’d let the human give him a bath for once. | 27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

.this made me giggle, think of the guys voice from family guy that says "oh nooo!" he has the red hair? Anyways....

JUST LOOK AT THIS!!! YOU CAN’T NOT BE HAPPY LOOKING AT THIS. | Try To Make It Through This Post Without Smiling

Cool little guy

crochet for turtles. I cried laughing. THIS IS AWESOME! Aubrey is going to hate me... eventually...

bath time--hahaha

I Love This Post and I think I should have not gone to this page!

Blue Flame Bearded Dragons Sale | Bearded Dragon (Blue?)

bearded dragons

A very serious rabbit wearing bunny slippers. | 50 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

Cute, cute, cute!!! --- Texas designated the Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum), the official state reptile in 1993. Horned lizards can have an intimidating appearance but are docile and gentle in nature. When a horned lizard feels threatened, it flattens and freezes in place, trying to blend with the ground. Texas now lists this unique animal as threatened.

I literally burst out laughing for no reason its just that this is so funny I almost died.

Handmade Felt Bearded Dragon Great White by BeardiesNeedBlankies

he hid the cat in the cabinet, Cat: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!! Dog: NEVER!!! Im supposed to be the only adorable person in this house!


Baby Bearded Dragons | Baby Bearded Dragon | Pictures | Ezzal

Lizards and More Lizards: Photo of Red Bearded Dragon