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    A gecko wearing go-go boots. (I'm going to correct this and say a bearded dragon wearing go-go boots, but funny none the less).

    Bearded Dragon.

    JUST LOOK AT THIS!!! YOU CAN’T NOT BE HAPPY LOOKING AT THIS. | Try To Make It Through This Post Without Smiling

    This cat who decided he’d let the human give him a bath for once. | 27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

    Dogs wearing pantyhose, I AM DYING WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS

    Siamese are this smart! :) Organized Crime - and some people say animals aren't smart

    Funny animals photos : theCHIVE

    Cute cats 55 - Click on the picture for more cute cats and pets info and pictures. #CuteCats

    Toothless! I don't usually pin cat pics, but this is an exception!!! I am now getting a black cat with green eyes and naming him toothless, and his nick name will be bud and it will be awesome

    Baby Bearded Dragons-CB

    Bearded Dragon- that is too freakin cute and funny! Oh Nessie is going to hate me when she's bigger :D



    Lizards and More Lizards: Photo of Red Bearded Dragon

    15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.<<<<< repinning just for that LLN!!!!!!

    Most animals get funnier when you shave them... Not bears. Bears become the scariest things you've ever seen.

    free pictures funny lizards | Lizard Dreaming – How to Train Your Bearded Dragon | ...

    The herpetologist in me HATES this because the first picture is a FROG and the second is a lizard. It is a georgous, and very Spidey-like Mwanza Flat Headed Agama lizard . Frogs = amphibians. Lizards = reptiles. You can be anything when you grow up.... but you can't switch class and species!!!

    48 Times Tumblr Was Funny About Animals<--SO THEY CAN DO THIS BUT I CAN'T HAVE A PANDA AS A PET???!!! SDJHGKRG

    Funny Animal Pictures

    This could be my house! (I have cats, and a bearded dragon lizard. The cats like to hang out at the lizard's cage & taunt him.)